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Johnson Lake the Caribbean lake of BC Canada - KAYAKlog: Labour Day Weekend

 Johnson Lake Kayaking Trip - Kamloops BC Canada area. 
August 30 - Sept 2nd 2013

From Kamloops BC get on Highway 5 head to Barriere, B.C. (Reccommend filling up your vehicle at Barriere, B.C. before heading to the lake.)

Get onto Agate Bay road (Agate Bay Road is before Barriere from Kamloops) head up this Agate Bay road to HywyTurnoff-01 (GPS coordinates Below) it is a dirt road with a sign that says "Johnson Lake Resort" on the Left from Barriere or on the Right from Kamloops way.

(NEW added GoogleMAPS links to GPS Coordinates)

N51 07.353 W119 54.028

Follow the dirt road up, when you get to the "Y" in this road at the coordinates below turn RIGHT

Right at the"Y"-02
N51 09.628 W119 49.505

At this point (coordinates below) you can turn LEFT for the Johnson Lake Resort or turn RIGHT and go to the BCFS camp.
Left RESORT right BCFS-03
N51 10.132 W119 47.747

Johnson Lake BCFS Camp
N51 09.421 W119 43.231

RE: Johnson Lake Resort ( 250-434-4111 )
The Resort has 2-way radio communications. Tune your GMRS radios to Channel: 21 Code: 21. Very friendly people and one of the group of campers Dean was his name welcomed us and brought us a coffee over from his camp. Dean also invited us for the evening potluck they had planned. Unfortunately we had to depart as our spot was booked for that evening/night so we had to move on by noon checkout.

On Friday we arrived very late and camped along side the road at Johnson Lake as there were no camp spots at the BCFS camp, there were many pullouts along the roadside. Very hard to see the lake as the forest is very thick around the lake. The dirt road follows the shoreline of the lake with a small treed forested buffer zone between the road and the shore of the lake.

The morning following (Saturday Morning) we checked the BCFS camp and again found it still full so we spent the night at Johnson Lake Resort. $30.00 plus tax to Tent Camp at the Resort. Once we set up camp we enjoyed a day of circumnavigating the lake.

 Sunday morning we headed to the BCFS camp and found a camp spot where we camped for the night to Monday morning when we departed for home. Johnson Lake is an awesome lake to explore. Very clear water and a Turquoise colour as the water deepened. It was quite interesting shooting a clear video underwater.
The BCFS camp was a bit noisy with a camp group by the beach heavily drinking, hooting and hollering all day and most of the evening.

All in all I would highly recommend paddling on Johnson Lake with water like the Caribbean Ocean where you can watch the fish swim over the sandy lake bottom from the comfort of your kayak.

"This water is clearer then your running water at home. you could see into the water very deep into the lake. when the lake was totally calm I could see the fish on the bottom of the lake along with any branches in the water and the white bottom. It was an amazing lake to kayak on. This lake is enjoyed by small motor boats along with many kayakers and paddle boards. This is a must see if you want to check out unique lake. 
My Live Kayaking & Outdoors Blog " Quote: Johnson Lake by Kathy McA

YouTube Video of this trip below




Johnson Lake 


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