Monday, August 26, 2013

Hydraulic, Minnow & Haynes Lakes Trip - KayakLog: August25th2013

 KayakLog August 25th 2013

 Sunshine, Clouds & Wind we kayaked 3 lakes today Hydraulic, Minnow and Haynes Lakes. Interesting chain of lakes in the Okanagan Mountain Park area. East of Kelowna BC Canada.

 All these lakes have some islands on them. Hydraulic Lake  has some islands on it, we saw what looked like Peat-Moss islands as well, not too good for stepping on as they were waterlogged and floating on the lake.

Minnow Lake had some sort of crab or crayfish and Haynes had an awesome spot for lunch before we headed back. One short portage over a road from Hydraulic to Minnow then paddled through to Haynes Lake.

Also many campers and motorhomes we saw in the bushes. As for wildlife we came across deer, goose and loons.

Great spot for lunch at Haynes Lake.    

Video By GuyThaLizard

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