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Naturists Being Bullied Again - BLOG-LOG: 2015-02-02

Naturists Being Bullied Again 

February 02 2015 

Here is a petition to Save and Preserve the Naturists section of the beach. If you are interested in signing the petition and support the group to save the beach here is a link to the petition.
Also PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTE HERE to support the naturists at 3mile.
On the Penticton Western Advertiser.

Thank you so much for supporting 3-Mile Beach Naturists Group.

All over in the news from Vancouver to Ontario and probably further is News headlines about 3 Mile Beach in Penticton (known as The Nude Beach by locals) 3Mile Beach is a beautiful secluded area to kayak to and enjoy the beach in its natural state and in your natural state, nude if you wish. The naturists are friendly compassionate

3 Mile Naturist Beach is under fire again. The NEW Landowner above the naturists section has been working hard to ban the nude use of 3 Mile Beach. This section of the beach has been used as a naturist beach since before the 1950's and once again a couple people, said to be living on 3 Mile road are working hard to shut down the naturists at the beach. The naturists at this beach have always been known as a caring and compassionate group of people who take care & pride in their beach. Cleaning and removing trash and raking the beach every day while in season to use the beach.

A group called "The Coalition of Concerned Neighbors and Families From 3 Mile Road" are a group/or a couple persons, alleged to be living on 3 Mile Road who, get this, they knew that 3 Mile Beach has a nude beach section when they moved in and don't want this popular naturist area on their doorstep. They are working to shut the naturists section use down. Making false allegations against the group of naturists.

The problem is, If you don't like the sounds of the firetrucks don't move across the street of the fire-hall, plain and simple!. Well,.. this is what these people did. They moved in knowing fully that there is a unofficial nude beach in the area and they don't want it there, so here they are "trying to shut down the fire-hall because of the noise". Now this is only a couple people mainly/directly against it, according to my sources one land owner above and one who is renting on 3mile road. Again this beach has had a clothing/optional beach since well before the 1950's. This beach is patrolled by the RCMP for liquor and drugs. NEVER has anyone been arrested for nudity at 3Mile Beach as far as I know. Indecent acts of public sex maybe but for plain nudity no.

Please Share The Below On Twitter if you would like to support the Naturists in their efforts to save their beach:

Petition: Save & protect 3mile clothing optional beach #Penticton #Okanagan #NaturistBeach (please share) 

~GuyThaLizard #KAYAKokanagan #Kayaking #Okanagan

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