Saturday, March 28, 2015

GuyThaLizard's Rocket Stove update - BlogLog: March 28 2015

Today I added 6" stove pipe to the feed opening on the stove and enlarged the opening on the top, under the coffee pot. The stove seems to heat the water coil much faster and the stove seems to run much better. 

In a previous post I explained that I used a 5 Gallon tin pail. Just a note this pail is about 50 years (+-) so the tin is a very heavy gauge and used a Dremel cutting wheel after drilling little holes around where I wanted my 6"hole to be then cut between the holes with the Dremel. I think this is the best way to do it. After making my hole I used a Ball Pein Hammer to flange the inside of the stove pipe to lock it into place so the pipe doesn't fall out, especially while the stove is fire up. The 5 gallon water pail on the table is insulated with blue camping foam. 2 hours after heating the water to 95 degrees Fahrenheit the water was still too hot to have a shower with it. This is good, it seems to be just enough insulation. Will be great for washing dishes then showering later after it cools down to a decent temperature.

In the water bucket I have a marine bailing pump to circulate the water in the tank and to pump the water to the shower nozzle. 

This is posted just to give you some ideas for your rocket stove.

Going to be awesome for our kayaking camping trips.

~GuyThaLizard #KAYAKokanagan #Kayaking #Okanagan

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