Monday, May 18, 2015

Ripley Lake - Rainy trip May 16/17, 2015

Ripley Lake camp. The first part of the day was warm, sunny and very picturesque as the fellow campers in the area enjoyed their country music and fishing we got our camp set up.

Enjoyed a nice rocketstove hot shower
before bed last night.
 As evening approached it began to cloud over then poured buckets while we were there after we set up camp. On top of that young partiers pulled in while it was pouring. Very loud almost all night. Then it poured more. Funny thing though, they just through a tarp over their pickup trucks and slept under it, I think they got real wet cause they ended up sleeping in their truck cabs by morning. 

Morning came and we listened to Margaritaville
 loud on Serius radio while dry under our awning. LMAO. 

 having the awning was a "God-send" when the rain came. Next trip, if there is a chance of rain, we will bring the tarp over the tent as well to provide a dry passage between the tent and the cooking living room area. ;)

Day 2 The day of rain

 Kathy made the most awesome breakfast under the awning sheltered from the heavy rain. 

 The Rocketstove worked awesome in the rain. We watched others in the camp struggle in the morning trying to build a campfire.

For fear of washouts from the heavy rainstorm last night that continued all morning we decided we would head back early. Some parts of the road had began to washout, little rivers running across the roads near Ripley as we drove back in 4 wheel drive.

Always an adventure! At least we had an opportunity to test out our new gear and the Rocketstove/shower as well as were able to make some adjustments and get ideas for improvements to our camping setups for next trips. 

~GuyThaLizard #KAYAKokanagan #Kayaking #Okanagan

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