Tuesday, February 26, 2013

KAYAKING: Head-To-Boat Illumarine H2B Feb26th2013 ProductReview

My first impressions product review of my new H2B headlamp.
This headlamp has a removable Bow Light that can be mounted on the front of your kayak. So far I am impressed with the Illumarine H2B system.

Batteries used in the H2B:
Head Bow Light: Powered by 2 N Cell Batteries
360 degree Top Light: Powered by 2 2032 coin cells
Cockpit Light: Powered by 3 AG3 button cells

For more info and price go to: http://www.headtoboat.com/

Additional Videos of the H2B:
Illumarine interview

Illumarine H2B: Sportsmen's Headlamp and Kayak Lighting System


More at: http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com   http://www.GuyThaLizard.com

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