Sunday, March 24, 2013




By: Jeremy Travers has been a paddler for the last 25 years.

Published on Mar 18, 2013
When I go out paddling I often come across pieces of litter either floating on the water, sunk on the bottom or on the shores, banks and beaches of what ever body of water I am enjoying. I put this video together from a short half hour trip on the Musconetcong River-one of my favorite spots to paddle- to show how easy it is for all of us to pick up that piece of trash. If all of us-and there are a lot- just pick up one piece of trash while out enjoying a paddling,fishing, hunting or hiking trip what a difference that would make. A fellow outdoor enthusiast engrained in me from an early age a saying that has never left me- LEAVE IT CLEANER THAN WHEN YOU FOUND IT. We all need to do our part if you carry it in carry it out. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the video.

Thanks for the post Jeremy Travers, your video is an inspiration to me. You got my attention! ~GuyThaLizard

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