Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Build your own emergency Fire-starter Kit for #Kayaking #Trips

Build your own emergency Fire-starter Kit for #Kayaking #Trips

So there you are, out kayaking in cold weather. Lets say you roll your kayak. What to do, the water is darn cold!!

Here is a simple suggestion for a Fire-starter Kit you can easily build and keep in your kayak storage compartment for emergency.

1) One Flint & Steel (Flint & Steel will work even if it gets wet, waterproof matches will do too)
2) One sheet of News Paper
3) An Emergency Blanket
4) A sheet or two of Paper Towel
5) Popsicle Sticks
6) Fire-starter Sticks
7) A small Waterproof Bag to put it all in

Take all the loose items and wrap them in a couple sheets of paper towel or toilet paper then wrap this in a sheet of Newspaper  Put the package into the small Waterproof Bag take a felt marker and write on the bag "EMERGENCY FIRESTARTER KIT". Put the bag in the storage compartment of your kayak and leave it there. It won't weigh much and could save your life.

If you flip your boat the most important thing to do is get dry and warm. After you get a quick fire going you can strip and wrap yourself in the emergency blanket, thaw your hands out and wring your wet fleece shirt and pants ( I highly recommend fleece as if it gets wet you can wring it out and put it back on and you will be warm again quite quickly). Having the dry Popsicle Sticks for a starter would allow you some time to gather some twigs and heaver wood for your fire.

In an emergency situation it can be hard to think quickly and your mobility may be compromised from the cold, but if you can quickly build a fire and get warm this will increase your chances of survival. Another good item to have is a small survival kit.

An other thing to keep in mind Pine Needles, dry or green, have turpentine in them and will burn at a very high temperature and help your fire get hot in a hurry. Pine cones also burn well make good coals for cooking. YOU DO NOT NEED FIREWOOD as long as there are pine trees around. Remember you want a quick hot fire.

This is only a suggested list, add to it if you wish but keep it simple and remember where it is in your boat.

"Expect The Unexpected" Paddle safe!

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