Monday, March 25, 2013

KAYAKING: Kathy McA's New Ride Log: 3/25/2013 8:08:06 AM

Kathy McA's New Ride

17' Current Designs "STORM"

Yes, Kathy has a new ride and it looks awesome! Kathy has been hunting for a new kayak and yesterday she picked up this one, was an awesome deal. Included skirt, paddle float, paddle, cockpit cover, throw rope.. and I'm not too sure what else came with it but what a nice boat! I was reading many reviews and it looks like it will be an awesome kayak for her.  I just got it all washed this morning, waiting for her to get finished work so she can take it for a ride. Here is one of the reviews below.

Good Reviews 

Submitted by: dregsfanI got a smokin’ deal on a used 2001 pre-GT Storm a couple months ago. I have owned two other poly touring kayaks; an Aquaterra Chinook, Dagger Magellan and currently own a Prijon Kodiak.I am 6'3" tall, weight 205 lbs, and have size 12 shoes. The Storm fits me like a glove, It's a large kayak, but doesn’t feel or handle like a big boat. It's stable, but not a barge.At first I thought that using a lever to raise and lower the rudder was a funky idea. Once I got it adjusted, it was great. My Dagger had the best hatches of any kayak I've owned, but the Storm's hatches are a close second. They are watertight and easy to use.I ultimately came to the conclusion that I really only needed one 17 foot poly boat. I had to decide which one would sell. The Storm is a prettier boat, I like the hatches better and it has a tad more knee room. The Kodiak is made from a superior polyethylene, it has gas-pedal type foot braces. The seat and knee braces are adjustable and the seat is more comfortable. So I kept the Kodiak and sold the Storm. It was a tough decision. Both kayaks are great poly boats.I would recommend the CD Storm to any skill level paddler.

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