Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Kayaking - Skaha Lake "Inspecting The Docks & Shoreline" BLOG:April26-2014

"Inspecting The Docks & Shoreline"

 The forecast today was rain.. well it did not while we kayaked today.

Kayaker Robin Dunham and I paddled along the East shore of Skaha Lake to see what the damages remaining looked like and the progress of the homeowners had made in rebuilding their docks.

Along the way most all the lumber debris left from the February Lake Freeze of 2014 have vanished either home owners have collected most all the lumber that was along the shore or it has floated out in the lake.

 Many of the dock owners have been working on building new docks. This foundation appears to be built of steel, looking quite solid. Many still are in need of repair or replacement.

The photo below of one dock completely caved in in the center.

 Nice day for kayaking, the lake was quite calm most all the day long.

Very late afternoon the wind picked up a but only for short periods of time.

 One of our usual stops is at this dog beach. Nice spot to have a little break. Listening to the RedWinged Blackbirds.

"Kayaking Kathy McA" joined Robin and I as we paddled back.

Please watch the video below and enjoy the peaceful singing of the Red Winged Blackbirds as we enjoyed our day on the lake.

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