Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ice Damage Around Skaha Lake - Log:03182014 UPDATED 3/27/2014

UPDATE: 3/27/2014 Lumber remains along the shoreline

Lumber scattered along the shoreline of Skaha Lake. In February 2014 Skaha Lake froze over and many docks were destroyed. The lumber is floating around on the lake waiting for a powerboat to collide with them, some of the lumber has made its way to the shore. Homeowners of the damaged docks have not taken the initiative to clean up their lumber as of yet. Most all the lumber is pressure treated and will not rot. Here are some photos of what has washed up on the rocky shores of the South East side of the lake.
Photos by Guy Hoffman (GuyThaLizard) http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com

Damage from when Skaha Lake froze over in February 2014.

 Lumber from many docks scattered along the East shoreline of the lake. Paddling by many damaged docks and the devastation as you will see in this video photos and video clips.

YouTube Video at the bottom of this post.

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