Friday, April 12, 2013

"Oyama Lake 27 Island-Hop Plan"

What is: Oyama Lake 27 Island-hop Plan?

The plan is to visit every island on Oyama Lake we would hop (kayak) from one island to the next until we have seen every one of the islands. As for when we will do this the date isn't set but if you are interested in joining us email or twitter me.

The previous times to Oyama Lake I didn't have GPS coordinates to all the islands,
so today with the help of Google Maps and my Garmin MapSource I have GPS mapped and pin-pointed all the islands on Oyama Lake for my next adventure up there. Included a route that will take me on a circuit to visit all the islands on the lake then check them off as I go.

The lake has 27 islands so remembering what islands we visited and what ones we have not I have created a GPX file for my GPS with them all named.

The route is about 4 miles long starting me at the BCFS campground to each island and back to the camp.
Here is the GPX file link if you would like to use it too.

Also in Garmin format below:

and Also in TEXT format below.

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