Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013-04 13 GuyThaLizard 51st Birthday BBQ and paddle

As I head down the "Other Side" at the age of 51 I sure don't feel that old anymore. Kathy McA and my friends keep me feeling young.  Thank you all!

 My Birthday BBQ & Paddle Day began with our kayaking friends from Vernon area, Melissa showing up alone in her truck and Brian paddling across the lake to our beach. Brian just couldn't wait to get on the water. We enjoyed a paddle on Skaha Lake almost right away with Melissa & Brian, my son, daughter, granddaughter, my sister Sue and Kathy McA. Then enjoyed visiting with all the other guests and family.  Then topped the evening off with S'mores at the beach fire-pit.

The day was sunny with cloudy periods then a touch of snow flakes / mist of rain. Bit cool out but we had the beach fire going and the outdoor heaters running to keep the chill down while partying at the beach. Lots of fun times with family and friends!

What an awesome day to play in the water and test out Kathy and my new paddles. My sister Sue in the photo says that Kathy's kayak really goes fast. The combo of the webbed paddles and the 17 foot long kayak sure make a difference.

Thanks for all the photos from Melissa and Kathy. I made a little video / slideshow of the event.

Webbed paddles by:

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