Saturday, September 4, 2010

Life-Jackets required on BC Ferries!

Buckle up BC Ferries, get your life-jackets on!

It may sound ridiculous but I think if they make it mandatory for life-jackets to be worn on small boats it should be the same on BC Ferries too! (RE: CBC News
What's My solution to the problem you ask?

How about Graduated licencing for power-boat (speed-boat) operators like what they have for driver's licencing?
You laugh but wouldn't that help to teach the operators to be more careful, what do you think?

Most accidents with canoe/kayaks are caused by speed-boat operators not being careful or not yielding to the smaller boats and not following the laws of the waterways! At least that is from what I have seen/heard of in the Okanagan Valley.

My opinion ~ GuyThaLizard

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