Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cooling down in the Okanagan Valley

Cooling off here in the Valley so spending a little more time on the web as you can see from the new social network ( http://GuyThaLizard.Webs.Com )

But had to blog something. Due to the weather and life I haven't been out on the kayak since a week ago Saturday.

Today is forecast for sunshine but you wouldn't have known it this morning. It is looking cloudy. Dark and gray out there. I sure hope the forecast is right it, would be nice to have more good weather before winter hits. Still need to get more paddles in the water this year!
I started paddling this season in February, we had a warm spell and +3c. Hard to believe, but after not paddling for the winter +3 and sunny with no wind sure felt great! Hoping to get another paddle in on Saturday. Its also forecast for sunshine.

Here is todays forecast.
Tuesday Morning Sunny Temp: 12°C
P.O.P.: 0% Wind: N 10 km/h Humidity: 94% Tuesday Afternoon Mainly sunny Temp: 23°C P.O.P.: 10% Wind: N 5 km/h Humidity: 52% Anyone want to join me let me know!


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