Friday, July 2, 2010

ShelterCave for e night

I, by the looks of it will be staying in a cave tonight, on the edge of the lake waypoint name ShelterCave. GPS: N49 40.358 W119 39.890

The waves are crazy now and show no signs of letting up. At least I am out of any rain tonight. This cave is about as big as a 4 man dome tent. With a gravel floor. The waves washed lots of driftwood into the cave that I can use as firewood tonight.

Almost completely bug free due to the location of the cave. I came across this cave one time paddling to Commando Bay and saved the waypoint just in case I needed it and camped here one time before.

If you are on a speedboat you will be sure to miss it it's hard to see unless you are really looking for it as it blends into the surrounding rock cliffs on both sides. There is a great overhang above that keeps the rain out. If you find this cave useful while you are paddling by please help keep it free of garbage. It's a great emergency shelter!

I will attach a little video when I get back after my trip.

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