Friday, July 2, 2010

RSI - Another 10km to go!

According to my calculations I paddled about 19kms and have about another 10km to get to Rattlesnake Island. Just after passing by Indian Rock I came across major waves pushing me towards the rock cliffs. Had to work hard to keep the kayak going into the direction I wanted, even though the waves were more or less from behind. Some of the waves splashing over the side of the kayak. I am just north of Indian rock now on the shore of a little beach big enough to camp if I have to. I can see Summerland across the lake and a little to the South. Looks like it is raining behind Summerland now, even though it's mostly sunny where I am it's only about 20c. As of yet the waves have not calmed down and just finished my lunch now. Sipping on Starbucks coffee from my thermos watching the waves coming in. Don't see any boats on the lake right now.

Solar charging my gadgets as I type on my Blackberry this blog post.

Time to relax and wait!

This is where I am:
Alt: -328.0 m

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