Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kayaking & HotSprings weekend - KAYAKLOG: Labour Day Weekend 2014

Awesome weekend exploring the Arrow Lakes area. 

In this post: Photos, Info, Video, Maps of our LabourDay weekend trip 2014.

Friday we took the Needles Ferry across the Arrow lake once we crossed we had a spectacular view of the lake.

Evening came as we set up camp at McDonald Creek Provincial park. (Map location at bottom of post)

Halfway River Hot-springs
Saturday Morning came and we headed out exploring hot-springs in the area. 1st hot-spring was Halfway River Hot-springs where we found a closed sign that wasn't really closed but was having problems with trash deposited in an old vacant van at the trail-head they were concerned about attracting bears. Then off to Halcyan Hot-springs after finding it too busy we went exploring and found Coyote Hot-springs remains. According to a passer by the springs were shut down and after shutting the springs down the hot-spring piping was rerouted to a few local homes (private cabins) for their own private hot-springs.
Remains of the Coyote HotSprings

Found an old graveyard at Halcyan.
Then we headed off to Nakusp Hot-springs to soak for a few hours. Stopping at Ione Falls for a quick lunch on the tailgate.

All the while traveling over 100km's I didn't notice I left the trailer hitch clip on the bumper  when we dropped the trailer off at the camp McDonald, that stayed there on the bumper all the way down the highway, up the dirt road (4x4 road) and back. Noticed it still there when we returned. LOL amazing!
This area across from McDonald Creek the locals call it "The Bahamas" see the video below in this post.

Early morning Sunday we enjoyed some kayaking on the Arrow Lake exploring the massive sandbar across from McDonald Creek camp. 

After leaving McDonald we headed back to the Okanagan via Revelstoke, crossing the large ferry. We headed back through Sicamous stopping at Crazy Creek HotPools for a camp and enjoyed soaking in the evening and again before leaving for home in the late morning.
enjoying the HotPools at Crazy Creek

After a late lunch at Vernon for pizza finished out trip back home where we dried out our tents and gear from the periodic rain throughout the trip.

All in all another awesome trip in our own back yard the Similkameen and Okanagan Valleys.

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