Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First Camp - Evely - On Okanagan Lake KAYAKLOG: 6/20/2014

We arrived at Evely Camp on Friday evening

 Our first night was at Evey Camp our morning paddle was awesome as soon as the wind died down.

On our second night we found a nice secluded spot to camp at Kalamalka Lake and later we were greeted by a couple who told us we were in their spot "jokingly " they said that they would use the beach fire pit. They seemed like nice people. They told us of how they cleaned this spot and took out bags of trash when they left last time. They left at dark. We thought nice couple. Well this morning we go to the firepit they used that was clean before they came and found broken beer bottles and trash that they nicely left behind. What a piss  off. We just gathered their trash to take back with us. Unreal!!

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