Sunday, May 25, 2014

Garnet Lake Kayaking - KayakLog: 05-25-2014

Garnet Lake is an interesting lake to paddle. Strange shape and hard to get into. There is a "camp" area near the entrance but the gates are always locked every time we have gone to this lake, There is walk in portions of the fence but hard to get a kayak in. The only way we have found is to load or unload your kayak over the fence.
We, once we got into the lake enjoyed our paddle around as we circumnavigated the lake. The lake is about 12.2km long. took us about one our to the end and one back as we were exploring and snapping photos along the way. It was a very overcast day today as we paddled and a little rain.

At the bottom of the blog post I added a "EveryTrail" GPS Photo Map of this trip.

 Map of Garnet Lake Posted along side the dirt road (mostly 4x4 road).

Garnet Lake Summerland BC at EveryTrail

Garnet Lake Summerland BC


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