Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Autumn winds almost took our raft today 9/29/2013

Welcome to Autumn winds in the Okanagan. 

 All day it has been windy and the white caps on the lake have been incredible for the past few days.

Went out and had a look at our raft we salvaged last summer and today the waves snapped one of the anchors so I tied it down with rope. Thinking the wind would die down soon we headed off for supper. After getting back I thought I should grab some heavier rope and tie the raft to shore while the wind and waves blew towards our shore.

While I was searching the shed for some good heavy rope in the dark (9:30pm) I finally found some and headed out into the lake to tie it down. Well the rope I found was old rope and as I was pulling it tight the rope snapped as a large wave crashed over the raft. So went up to the shed to find my best length of new heavy duty nylon rope. Finally found it and headed to the raft. As I looked at the raft, expecting to see the dock lights mounted on the raft shining bright in the darkness like they were 5 minutes before I saw that the raft was no longer there. Looking up and down the shoreline and into the middle of the lake I finally spotted it, it was halfway between our neighbors dock and our dock banging against their shore. For fear of the raft possibly taking out their new dock I quickly ran in the ice cold water and grabbed the raft and hauled it back to our beach. Tied it at 3 points to our fence above for the time being. I think I will have to buy some cement and make some heavy anchors after all but unless it warms up that will have to wait till springtime.

What do you do for excitement after dark on a windy night in Autumn? 

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