Thursday, September 19, 2013

Plastic Canoe/Kayak Repair (#2 HDPE Plastic)

This post is about High-density Polyethylene Kayak Repair.

The kayaks we have here (Pelican, Wilderness Systems "Tsunami", Current Designs "Storm" and Oldtown "Haron2") are made of HDPE plastic. In my opinion, our kayaks we use are a lot more durable than fiberglass especially for our rocky shorelines. HDPE plastic kayaks can take a lot more abuse than fiberglass. Although heavier than fiberglass they are less expensive to repair than fiberglass and you usually don't need to take the kayak to a specialist to get it repaired.

Here is an idea I came up with. When you are recycling your plastics, start collecting #2 HDPE plastic that matches the color or close to the color of your kayak before you need it to repair your kayak. Be a good idea to have a couple clean plastic jugs hanging up in the shed for safe keeping.

After much searching for good video clips for kayak repair I came up with a few to add to your list of kayak repair tips. There are many videos out there I have collected a few and posted what I consider are the best for this post. Below are the Video links.

First off we need to know what type plastic is HDPE see the video below "What is HDPE?"

DIY Polyethylene repair to Wilderness System Tarpon 160i kayak using an old Rain X bottle

 How To Repair Plastic Kayaks-

How To Repair Plastic Kayak Repair:

Fixing a dent on a Kayak 0001

How to Repair a Dented Kayak

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