Sunday, August 4, 2013

WebbedPaddles Meet KAYAKokanagan KayakLog: 8/4/2013

 We had the awesome pleasure of meeting and paddling with Chad & Mardi today on Skaha Lake. An awesome couple from Banff Alberta with a passion for kayaking, canoeing & stand-up-paddleboarding (SUP) and have a real passion for their webbed paddles and how they serve their customers. These paddles are custom manufactured and tested by Chad himself and are available for Kayaks, Canoes, Stand-Up-Paddleboards etc..

A top quality couple worth getting to know. The thought they put into every part of the paddle is incredible. Always looking input to improve and perfect along the way.

Chad Townsend is the brains behind our awesome paddles (Webbed Paddles) these paddles are totally amazing and durable. After about 4 months of regular use our paddles are still going strong. You can get your awesome WebbedPaddles at

Chad and Mardi arrived on our beach yesterday and we shared stories and great conversation all evening and the next day we enjoyed an early morning paddle in our back yard (Skaha Lake) then a great cup of espresso & breakfast.

Thank you Mardi & Chad for joining us this weekend!

 YouTube Video

Our new Canoe Paddle attachment for our Webbed Paddles, Thanks Chad!

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