Sunday, August 18, 2013

KAYAKING Burnell Lake and Ripley Lake forget Madden! August 16,17 2013


Burnell Lake is a great little lake with many ATV trails that squirt up through meadows up into the little hills and little valleys around the lake. There is a 4x4 road that will take you all the way around the lake with many camp spots for free camping (BCFS camp sites). Beware due to the close proximity of the town of Oliver you may get some parties come through or stop for a few hours with their loud music.

We enjoyed a paddle that day at Burnell but had trouble sleeping from loud music and yelling .. Had a great sunset to enjoy then the next day was overcast so took a tour around the lake and snapped some many pics. (will see them in the video Part1)
 The afternoon after the loud parties we packed up and headed to Madden Lake which we did not stay. Madden appeared unwelcoming with many drunks and what looked like hill-billy's and only a few lakes so we left Madden as quickly as we came in and headed for the next lake, Ripley Lake. Ripley had a CUPE convention going on. All we heard was families and couples laughing and enjoying their fishing.
 Both camps had outhouses and pic-nick tables and fire pits (campfire ban in effect so weren't used). Due to the fact that they were BCFS (BC forest service) camps they are not clean as users are not taking out what they bring in, leaving trash everywhere. But Ripley was a much friendlier camp. Wide open skies large open fields to camp at.

Awesome morning at Ripley Lake the sunrise was beautiful!
Large camp spots and mostly grassed, watch out for cow droppings though, but at least the grass is nicely trimmed.



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