Sunday, July 28, 2013

Indian Rock to Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park KAYAKING July27th2013


  Great place to get "one with nature" ;). We paddled from Indian Rock (north of Naramata,BC) to the Okanagan Mountain Provincial park and found our favorite little secluded beach to relax for a day in the sun. As we were about 100' away from this little beach a bass pontoon boat tried to beat us to the shore but couldn't get between our kayaks. Must have been their favorite spot too. The party of disappointed riders in the pontoon boat eventually turned and headed North to find another beach as we pulled our kayaks on shore. This Provincial Park has many little secluded beaches along the Southern shoreline that are great for camping for 1 or 2 persons. There are larger camp spots along the way North to Rattlesnake Island, like Goodes Creek, Commando Bay, Burtrum Bay, Gerry's Cove etc. Most of these beaches are quite popular camping areas and some are quite the party areas for power boaters.

Many of these little pocket beaches can easily be missed by power boats. A kayak or small boat can easily maneuver around the rocks below the surface of the water to shore.

Be aware that some of this shoreline does have some Poison Ivy patches so be respectful of it and keep a safe distance from it and all will be well. Also cactus can be found along these beaches.  

(Music By: Jamie Jackson

YouTube Video of this trip will be ready for viewing soon as it is finished processing HERE.

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