Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dad's Day Kayaking on Skaha Lake KayakLog: 7/9/2013

My Dad, 80+ years, a canoe racer when he was younger, tells us many stories from his canoeing days, joined us for a paddle in our kayak. I believe this was his second time in a kayak. He joined us along with my sister. Was great to have my dad on this short paddle trip. I have been trying to get him out in a kayak for a few years now. What a great day for a paddle too. Another beautiful sunset put a bow on it too.

Kayakers: Albert, Sue, Kathy McA and GuyThaLizard

YouTube Link http://youtu.be/Sa_yNwyH32o

~GuyThaLizard http://www.GuyThaLizard.com http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com
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