Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Summerland Seclusion For Lunch" KAYAKLOG: April21st2013

Summerland Seclusion For Lunch

Kathy had a split-shift at work in Summerland so we enjoyed the day kayaking to a secluded beach for lunch. N49 37.753 W119 40.449

The beach was quite large and looked like the main access was via boat. There were some trails from above in the clay banks but with all the berry bushes I don't think any human would attempt a walk down through them with the exception of maybe deer or maybe some small animals.

There was plenty of driftwood for a little fire to cook our Smokies. I had to test out my "Emergancy Fire-Starter Kit that I made last month.

Here are a few shots of the beach. The beach wasn't too bad with the exception of some trash, that we took with us to properly dispose of.

After a little while on the beach the sun began to shine through the clouds to brighten up our trip.

This is the bag of trash I managed to collect and take back with us. Please remember to take out your trash after using a beach and if you can please pick up what others have left behind.

On our return we were entertained by a BC Forest Service Water-Bomber training on Okanagan Lake. Clips are in the Video below.

The video is processing and should be live by about Midnight Tonight 4/21/2013

I hope you enjoyed our trip-report! Please bookmark us and follow us as we explore the Okanagan Valley, BC Canada.


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