Thursday, April 25, 2013

Searching for my Oldtown KayakingLog: 04-25-13

Beautiful day for kayaking on Skaha Lake in the South Okanagan Valley

If you come across this kayak on your paddles or travels or on the web posted for sale, please contact me or the RCMP in Penticton, BC, Canada. RCMP file number 2013-4460. I have had this kayak since 2007 and it has quite a lot of sentimental value. This kayak was taken from our beach recently.

This Oldtown Dimension VieII has a Solar Deck Light on the Bow.
also has extra bungie cords on the Stern, a 1/2" gray PVC pipe under the front and back seats to help support the bottom. On the PVC pipe it has a cup holder. On the back of the seat in the front there are 2 broomstick holders that acted as a mount for my monopod for my camera. in the bottom is a piece of blue closed-cell camping foam. 

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