Friday, April 5, 2013

Received our new Shearwater Webbed Paddles this morning. KayakingLog: 4/5/2013

Windy day, but still a good day to test out our new Shearwater Webbed Paddles from

Good construction and a sturdy paddle! They paddled well in the wind, I noticed lots of torque in each stroke with the paddle, it was easy to get up to speed and turning was easy as can be. Less splash and paddle turbulence than my other paddles. Though hard to tell with the wind  today, they should be a quiet paddle when the wind dies down. 

I may try off-setting the blades next paddle test for the wind. It is quite amazing how compact the paddle collapses too!

According to Chad Townsend we are the first in the Okanagan Valley with Shearwater Webbed Paddles! Nice to be first ;-) The trend will start here we are sure many will ask what, and where do they get theirs.

WebbedPaddles are a great addition to our kayaking gear. 
Thank you again Chad Townsend at Shearwater WebbedPaddles! We are looking forward to paddling with you in the Sunny Okanagan Valley some time, message us when you are in the area!

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