Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nakusp & Halcyon HotSprings TRIPREPORT: Jan16-17th2013

Hot-Springs Trip Report
I figure the best way to enjoy some time away from cold kayaking days is to take a little trip. Kathy and I went on a mini-vacation to explore some hotsprings near  Nakusp BC Canada. Here is our trip report. Source:

  • Part 1 Needles Ferry to Nakusp Hotsprings
At a little place called Fauqueer BC we caught the Needles Ferry to get across the Arrow Lake to continue to Nakusp. The Ferry is guided by a cable as you will see in the video.

  • Part 2 NakuspHotsprings Cedar Chalets and POOLS
The little chelet was quite warm and only a few steps from Nakusp Hotsprings. We stayed at the Chalets and enjoyed 2 days of soaking.

  • Part 3 Our hike to the HotSpring source of Nakusp Hotsprings.
In the morning of the second day we hiked to the source of Nakusp Hot-Springs.

  • Part 4 Halcyon Hot Springs Jan18th2013
As we headed to our friends Brian & Melissa's for the following night we stopped at Halcyon Hot-Springs where we were greated with an empty pool to enjoy all to ourselves.

Had a great time at Halcyan then headed off to our friends and enjoyed an awesome time sharing stories, Then headed back to the South Okanagan Valley. At Westbank we made a quick stop at Kekuli Cafe where we enjoyed some Bannock and Chilli.

Hope you enjoy our trip.

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