Friday, November 30, 2012

Kayaking: 360° Video, Something I found interesting

With Tech changing and moving in wild and awesome directions this video caught my eye. It is a 360° degree video, you can take your mouse and view beside, behind and in front while the video plays.

Thinking of the amazing effect a person could get while kayaking on a peaceful river or lake. I don't think the res would handle high speed as of yet but the concept of taking the viewer on a whole new experience with you as you explore would be awesome. I will be looking into this as the future unfolds. The problem that I see at this point is waterproofness of the camera or lens. Possibly enclosing the entire camera and lens within a transparent jar of sorts would be an idea... my mind is thinking of a 1 gallon clear jar like they use for pickled herring... hmm getting hungry thinking of how fast I can empty one.. lol , anyhow have a look at this video below and imagine having this camera mounted on your kayak as you paddle up a calm river into the sunset.

A Secret Bachelor Party On A Beach in 360°!
Source: GoPano

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