Saturday, January 21, 2012

Well, I "thought" of kayaking today.. The water is a little hard today!

Survived the "storm warning" warning said 10-20cm of snow over night.
 Looking out at the lake after shoveling the snow from last night's downfall and the lake looked so calm. Thought to myself, the wind is only 2kmh, Looks like a little ice along the shore thought I could launch from the end of the dock. Then after the sun had risen I had another look and it hit me, the North end of Skaha Lake is frozen pretty much all way across the width (about 4 miles across) and from the North shore about 4 houses down to the South of us. So I am thinking I may need a icebreaker of sorts to get my yak on the lake. Forecast is for warmer weather starting this weekend so here's hoping.
Managed to get some shots for you all hope you enjoy them!

Have a great paddle day!


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