Friday, December 17, 2010

The NEW "GTL's Hot-Springs GPS Lists"

The NEW GTL's Hot-Springs GPS Lists

I had to move this GPS list full of approx 50 hot-springs (in BC Canada) a few times already but it looks like I have found the best site to keep it now.

This list has some commercial, and many wild, secluded, natural and free hot-springs. Many, from my understanding are known to be c/o as well as many clothed locations.
This list has been many years of gathering from people on the internet, books and magazines who have visited these hot-springs who have provided GPS coordinates, info photos and videos.

Collecting this info was a hobby of mine for about 5yrs.

I want to keep this list in the public and my goal is to provide this list for free for everyone who want it.

I do not charge for the service and am on a free server at

If you are interested in getting the list for your GPS or have some hot-spring info you would like to share please show your support by simply joining the site. Joining this new site will also encourage me and others to share as much info as possible. My last site had over 600 members unfortunately lost due to the move (the last site changed to a pay site). I have a lot of info I would like to share, free with no strings and no prophet.
So if this is an interest to you please join me.


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