Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kayaking - Year's End 2010

My Most Memorable paddle trips for 2010


This neat rock formation was on our way to Rattlesnake Island just North of Squally Point. This is my friend Robin exploring the formation that is so easily missed if you are on a speed boat. It so blends into the background you wouldn't even notice it.

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Rattlesnake Island (below shot) Latitude: N49.747683° Longitude: W119.717767°
Camped on this island once this season and paddle to a couple times this season. Cool island to explore. The pyramid foundation still remains and the mini-golf coarse is still there a lot of it has sagebrush growing over it but you can still see the remains. If you hit the "Tags" button or do a search in the above menu you will find the actual posts for all these below photos. If you are a GPS enthusiast like me copy and paste these GPS coordinates to your GoogleMap and explore for yourself this great place we live. Or link up with me and we can explore them next season together.

From Rattlesnake Island Trip-Log Sept4 2010

Commando Bay N49 42.199 W119 41.783
Commando Bay I paddled to a few times this season either direct or just passing by on my way to Rattlesnake Island.

From Commando Bay (Okanagan Lake) N49 42.199 W119 41.783

Short Paddle with my Niece and long time paddle partner Robin down the East side of Okanagan Lake

Hydraulic Lake N49.7744, W119.1804
This lake didn't have a lot of sandy beaches actually didn't seem to have any but had many islands to explore.

From Hydraulic Lake. Many little islands


Conkle lake: N49 10.164 W119 05.904

This one had to be my favorite this season. One huge sandy beach and beautiful scenery. Great photos here.
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So not to say all the other paddle trips this season were not any good, they all were great! But the above paddle trips were the most memorable to me. I enjoyed paddling this season with my friends Dawn, Rona, Robin, Alexis & Malynda just to name a few, you all made this season a memorable one, Thank you!


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