Friday, November 26, 2010

Kayaking today Nov26-2010 Penticton

Kayaking on Okanagan Lake today was a bit cold but well worth it!

Water temp was +8c air temp of only -1c except for the wind it was a great day kayaking today. Paddled from the marina to the SS Sicamous and back.

Getting in the water without getting my sandals wet was a trick. With the ice on the rocky shoreline. I used ice cleats that strapped on my sandals quite securely giving me grip stepping of the iced rocks into my kayak. Had to leave my favourite hat in the car as it wouldn't have kept my ears warm. So balaclava it was. Tucked up just below my eyes so I could still see.
Paddling under the dock was quite interesting. The effects of the ice was cool. After returning to the marina getting out was a trick. Good thing I just saw a youtube clip of how it is done just the other day. Ended up having to take a run at the ice on the shore to skip my kayak up onto the shore. After 3 tries finally got up far enough on the ice that I didn't slide back into the water again.
Any how here are some photos. More to come.
Check back a little later for more photos.


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