Friday, October 1, 2010

Nanaimo Hall in Penticton demolished!

Here is a shot of some of the incredible graffiti that was painted on the North end of the building that I had managed to snap a couple years ago

from this Location: 49° 29′ 58.50″ N, 119° 35′ 28.38″ W



This building was a place of many memories as I was growing up in Penticton. In the 70's my siblings and I would go there for Judo lessons, my older brother learned to play the bag-pipes here as well.

Nanaimo Hall in Penticton has been condemned for quite some time and was finally demolished last week on Thursday. This building was home to the Cadets also. It is a shame to see the building go but as they say in the Western News article (link attached) the building was an and old unusable building.

'The city-owned Nanaimo Hall campus is looking barren this week as city contractors began to tear down the trio of buildings that have sat there for decades.' (More: Penticton Western News Link)


Click here for a before shot by Johnpoon.Org



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