Saturday, October 30, 2010

LED outdoor "Christmas" lights year-round idea. "Ideas by SomeGuy!" ;)

My LED outdoor "Christmas" lights "year-round" idea.

Since LED lights have the ability to change colour.
Have one string of LED lights for outside. With a control box that has 3 positions.
1) Christmas light settings
Multi-Colour for December.
2) Halloween light settings
Orange alternating flash for October.
3) White non-flash for every other day.
This control box can be set to a built-in timer December position #1. October #2. And all other days #3. Since LED lights don't burn out we would only have to climb the ladder outside once to install the string of lights. Don't know about you but that would make life easier for me :) LOL!

That was "Ideas by SomeGuy!"



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