Saturday, October 9, 2010

Geocaching My Area

Gaocaching my area

It has been a while since I have been out Geocaching. Used to have a lot of fun doing it with my wife and kids too. Not quite sure how I lost interest but I am entertaining the thought of getting back into it again.

After watching HeadHardHat's Videos got me interested once again.Maybe you too will catch the bug.


GeoSnippits Geocaching Tutorial Videos hosted by our very own lovable HeadHardHat gives you not just another introduction into geocaching but THE introduction into geocaching in only a way the HeadHardHat can. You learn where geocaching started and many of the little tidbits of information you need to know about the game. Enjoy this three part series that takes you end to end of the geocaching spectrum. Geocachers with little or no experience will enjoy these episodes as much as the more experienced geocachers will. GeoSnippits is an ever growing series of geocaching video tutorials geared for geocachers of all experiences to enjoy. You can also visit our GeoSnippits home web page at


Here is a link for GeoSnippits videos on YouTube


Below is a map link of the Geocaches in my area.


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