Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sun-Volt SOLAR CHARGER Update now has a Standard USB output! - Charging my Blackberry "au'natural"

I just picked up another Scosche Sun-Volt Solar Charger. The "SOLBAT2"

Quite impressed so far. Basically the same as the old one (previous post) but with a few cool changes.

They added a..

  1. Window Bracket with suction cups that can stay on the windshield of the car.
  2. Carabiner to hang it from your backpack or what have you.
  3. Standard USB output so you can charge anything that is USB. ie:iPhone, iPod, Blackberry even a USB flashlight.
  4. Push button with tiny indicator lights for battery strength and large green output and a red input indicator lights.
  5. the casing looks a lot more sturdy and shaped smoother.

As you can see it is charging my Blackberry from the indicator.

The casing looks like it would resist a little weather and the connections are at the bottom of the unit when hung by the carabiner. The charging process seems to be a lot more rapid than the older one. The input connection is the size of the newer Blackberry USB connection. So you can charge the unit via your new Blackberry's wall charger if you have a newer model. It also comes equipped with a USB charger for when there is no sunshine and you need a quick charge. I will be taking both Sun-Volt chargers when I go kayaking so I can have one always charged while charging my Blackberry.

Price wasn't too bad either. By original plan was to buy a car USB charger to keep in the car so I can keep my BB charged up but this Solar charger was less expensive by about 10 bucks. The Sun-Volt is a lot more practical for what I do for recreation so at $29.98 at Wal-Mart (Canada) it was a far better deal and solar is better for the environment and hey if the sunshine is free why not take advantage of it!

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Well great news, my Blackberry is almost fully charged from less than half since I started writing this blog post. Charging indicator still going strong. Loving this new version of the Sun-Volt! :)

Hope you liked the post!




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