Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rattlesnake Island Trip-Log Sept4 2010

8:30am Put-In at Indian Rock.

Paddling solo as no one showed. Nevertheless it was a great paddle to the island again.

Squally point was a little ruff on the way but did manage to get a shot of the beacon on the point.

N49 44.882 W119 43.030 at 11:30am (under 3hrs by time I got into the water approx 8:45 I was figuring on 4hrs, good to over estimate) after pulling my kayak on shore at the Island I set up my camp stove and made myself a good strong french press coffee in my Starbucks french press mug then polished off 2 smokies. The weather was awesome sunny and warm today.

Sitting at Rattlesnake Is and blogging my trip so far. Few boats on the water today. Met up with another kayaker fly fishing just before Squally Point.

The only drawback is no cellphone service at Rattlesnake Is. So blogging can't be completed till I get within range of a cell tower. Keep in mind to carry extra batteries or have a solar charger for your cell because as soon as you leave cell range your phone will try everything to connect and will drain your power.

The paddle up was peaceful and relaxing for the most part until Squally. I am hoping my paddle back will be good on the other side of Squally. Right now it's looking quite unstable. Lots of waves rolling in.

The integrity of my dry-bag for my camp stove was somewhat compromised and needs to be replaced soon. Duct tape is only good for so long.

I am still the only one on the island and the odd passer by smiles and waves at me, friendly people here. Just saw the RCMP Zodiac passed by heading to some fishermen in Reluctant Dragon Cove.

I'm putting on my lifejacket now and sliding my kayak back into the water, there is now a headwind from the South picking up so time to begin my paddle back to Indian Rock. The time now is 12:45pm. Last swallow of my coffee and I am off!

Arrived at Commando Bay at 2:00pm

Three speed-boats on shore people relaxing on shore.

Temperature is 24c right now. I pulled my kayak up on one of the rock formations on the Southern portion of the bay. Listening to the slosh and trickle of the waves beside me. The rock beneath me is quite warm to relax on.

Time to dry out my clothes and bail out my kayak. Took on a bit of water from Rattlesnake Is to just North of Squally Point. Around Buchan Bay the waves calmed down from 1 1.5' -2' down to 6-10" waves. Cellphone re-connect communications with the cell towers around Squally but was too ruff to take photos or Tweet. Had to keep paddling non stop to keep control of the kayak.

My average speed has been 6.7kmh ETA is about 3:30 - 3:45pm

- Guy
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