Monday, September 27, 2010

Handy 12v rechargeable power bar

For any one looking for auxiliary power, I came across this handy power supply the other day. At not too bad a price either.

What it does:

  • it is a portable rechargeable 12v power supply, approx size is 10.5" long x 2" W x 2"H weighing at about 1.5lbs a great size for kayaking.
  • has a 12v outlet for plugging in your car accessories and a separate output for 3,6 and 9v power comes with a universal plug and cord.
  • it can be charged via the provided AC adapter or the cigarette lighter in a vehicle.
  • has 3 battery strength LED lights.
  • also has a LED spotlight with a swivel.
  • it also will jump-start your vehicle if your car battery is dead, comes with a jump-start cable as well.

Would be a great addition for those paddle/camping trips for charging up camera and cellphones. The price was under $30 (Canadian at Wal-Mart). When I am out on a paddle trip I always go through battery power and am looking for handy ways of recharging my gadgets. Now just have to come up with a waterproof box to put it in. ;)


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