Sunday, August 1, 2010

Penticton in 70's ( to @dan_santorelli )

My Twitter conversation, Aug. 1st 2010.

From: @dan_santorelli

@KAYAKokanagan You sure are lucky to live here..great summers.

Reply from: @KAYAKokanagan
Hi @dan_santorelli

It is quite the blessing to be here. My family moved here in 1968 and always loved it! Mind you in the 70's it was warmer (40-45c), gotten cooler since then in the summer. I remember the radio station (CKOK AM 800khz) when I was a kid. They'd say "the lake water is 80 degrees on Okanagan and Skaha is 75". I remember it was normal for it to be 90 Fahrenheit degrees at 9am and 110 degrees by noon in the summer. They would say " comes another heat wave.. be careful out there..".
I remember the dust in my parent's back yard would not retain water and was like flour and the water that did land on it would bead on the surface then evaporate soon after.
Back then we'd go swim in the outdoor public pool all day for 10 cents and an ice cream was a shiny nickel. The end of town was South Main Market and after and before that little market was orchards and horse pastures and watching the trains go through town every day. The rail tracks you could fry an egg on them they were so hot.
LOL, I am beginning to sound like an old man. Think I better quit before I do.

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