Monday, August 23, 2010

Peaceful beautiful day - Okanagan Lake

Well it's nearing the end of August 2010. Haven't gotten all the camping in this season that I wanted but managed to kayak almost every day. Summer here in the South Okanagan is coming to an end.
As usual the high temps have began to drop and we are looking at late 20c temps for the next little while then gradually cooler. Labour-day (beginning of September) usually is when you will see a significant change in the temperature. Today is a sunny day and expect the temp to be around 26c. Iron-Man Triathlon will be next weekend and the city is beginning to fill up with triathletes running down the streets and roads, training in the lakes etc. Soon (Sunday) we won't be able to cross town (East to West) unless we are on foot. Something we put up with every year for the past 25+ years.
Today the lake is quiet most tourists have left to get their kids ready for a new year of school so kayaking is wonderful again! :)


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