Friday, August 27, 2010

iTookThisOnMyPhone Ver2 Tweet from: @GuyThaLizard

WooHoo!! #iTookThisOnMyPhone sent me a link to Ver2 :) Do you need a downgrade too?

I recently upgraded to Version 3 and found it didn't work properly on my older Blackberry 8310. After trying to find my old version searching for a possible backup version that I might have had and having no success at all along with countless searches on the web. The makers of the APP sent me an email with a link to Ver2 so I re-installed the version 2 and all is well again.

What is "iTookThisOnMyPhone"? It is a great little APP that allows me to simply take a photo with my Blackberry and hit one button and have it post that photo on my twitter, flickr, FB, photobucket and many, many other sites seamlessly in the background after I take the pic.
I find this free APP such a time saver and it easily keeps my favourite photo sites up to date with me and what I am up to without having to send countless emails in order to keep my friends and followers up to date!

Now I am back & happy to send my photos with ease! :) If you upgraded to Ver3 and find the same problems and want to downgrade to Ver2 here is the LINK:

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