Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day before IronMan Canada - Kayaking on Okanagan Lake Nearing the end August 2010

"Kayaking on Okanagan Lake Nearing the end August 2010"
A few clouds 21°C A few clouds Wind: N 26km/h
Awesome waves to paddle on today lots of excitement avoiding being dumped, catching a surf with a 26km wind at my back on my return to Penticton. My friend Robin should have been there today, bigger waves and a lot more excitement than yesterday. A little weather report just to let you all know what it has been like recently. Like I have said we are in a cooling trend and heading to Fall weather. Still hoping for an Indian Summer so I can keep on kayaking. This kayaking season for me, started in February 9th this year at +3c which isn't too bad as long as there is no wind. The wind bites hard at near freezing temperatures and without a spray-skirt I have to choose my paddle days wisely to have some enjoyment. I added some photos and video from today nearing the end of August 2010.
  • Sunrise: 6:08 Sunset: 19:49
  • Relative Humidity: 33%
  • Pressure: 100.85 kPa
  • Visibility: 24.0 km
  • Ceiling: unlimited

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OkanaganLk_Aug28-10.3GP (2804 KB)

Great day of kayaking the last day before IronMan Canada. Tomorrow may be too busy in town to get to the lake so thought I might sneak a paddle in, just in case I can not get my car through the roadblocks and crowds to the lake to put-in tomorrow. I am hoping my home location may give me a chance. The race is 3 streets West of my location so crossing the race to get to the other side of town (West side) may not be a possibility from here but if I head North to the lake I may have a chance. 7am the race begins and roadblocks will start tonight blanketing the town from end to end where the race will be ran and biked.

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