Saturday, July 3, 2010

Return trip from Rattlesnake Is.

Lost cellphone reception at Squally Point and Rattlesnake Island. I had a bit of a ruff paddle around Squally Point. 1 to 2' waves and a headwind from the South. One of my "waterproof" bags leaked like a sieve my clothes are soaked from the waves crashing over the kayak. I am currently at Commando Bay and am going somewhat commando waiting for my clothes to dry. Good thing the bay is vacant! The sun is warm but quite the wind from the South.

Had to dip into my auxiliary Duracell Blackberry charger as I have already used up my solar backup and it is currently charging. After a rest from fighting the waves and my clothing is dry will continue my voyage toward home (Penticton). Some great smooth rocks to dry off on here and some rock out-croppings on the lake, nice view. Guy My Live Blog: Sent from my BlackBerry device

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