Monday, November 12, 2012

PADDLINGTV Video: Great New Water Shoe - Body Glove 3T Barefoot - KAYAKING

I  had my eyes on the on the Vibram FiveFingers shoes for paddling for quite some time but at $70.00 (+-) it seems a bit much, though it does come with a Vibrum sole and we know how good Vibram soles are especially on a good pair of work boots. I just saw this video by PaddlingTV with a new shoe, the Body Glove 3T that is priced a little better at about $50.00 (+-). It comes with soles that drain water out of them thru the bottom, quite the idea. Anyway here are some links for you to check them out before you go hunting for kayaking footwear..


 BodyGlove 3T


Vibrum FiveFingers

I currently wear a pair of Keen Sandals for kayaking and all-around hiking/walking. I like the Toe Covering especially coming into shore or walking thru creeks or rivers. Nothing like stubbing your toes on those rocks below.


Happy Kayaking!

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