Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kathy McA's New Tomahawk Kayak April 23rd 2012

Kathy bought her self a new to her Tomahawk kayak. It was only used 2x by the previous owner. Was an awesome deal. We went for a paddle as soon as we got it back to town to test it out. Her new kayak is faster than mine. Couldn't believe the speed, she used to have problems keeping up with me in my tandem but no more. I was paddling in mine like a mad man and I look over and there she is, leisurely paddling past me with barely no effort... thought maybe it's just that I turned "50"  LOL so I took it for a spin and wow couldn't believe how well it paddles and the speed I managed to get out of it.


Congratulations speedy Kathy McA!


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