Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Sick-It-Up-Buttercup" it's Winter!

North end of Skaha Lake, Penticton

"Kayaks hung on the wall with care.. with hopes that winter would never be there..."
Well we finally may have some winter I think Matt ( http://www.shuswapkayaks.com/ ) LOL
Well had a snowfall all yesterday evening and night. Shovelled the driveways at work at 5am. Finished work at 7am came home with hopes to sleep and shovelled the driveway at home so I could park my car. Now with back pain, cold fingers, running nose and now that I am wide awake might as well relax blog some pics. We had only about 2 to 3" of wet heavy snow this morning. Out where Matt lives he must have about 5 feet by now. The wind here is about 6kmh and the temp is -7.8c according to my little weatherstation by the lake. The lake is only partially frozen near the shore and the snow is still coming down as I type. The mountain across the lake can barely be seen right now. The gray looking water at the horisen almost blends into the bottom of the mountain and as I look up it disapears rightaway into a cloud of snow/fog.
(hmm doesn't appear my spell checker is working.. may be some typo's, sorry)
Hope you all like the pics. and have a great winter's day everyone! =)

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