Thursday, December 8, 2011

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..The legend of Ogopogo starts with a Demon possessed Native Man named Kel-oni-won who murdered a well known and respected Elder named " Old Kan-he-kan " with a war club. As a punishment for his crime the Creator changed Kel-oni-won into a Lake Serpent, a Creature who would forever be imprisoned at the scene of his crime to suffer eternal remorse. He was left in the custody of a beautiful Lake Goddess. Kel-oni-won was from that day on known as N'ha-a-itk, the remorseful one who must live in the lake in the company of other animals. It is said that the only animal who could tolerate his company was the Rattlesnake. To honor the memory of " Old Kan-he-kan " his people named the Lake " Okanagan." N'ha-a-itk which translates to " Water Demon " or " Lake Monster " would demand a toll from travellers for a safe passage through the waters it called home...

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